Quantum Explorers

Jul 06 at 12:30 PM (local) — Feb 01 at 12:30 PM (local)

Welcome to Quantum Explorers!

This is a self-paced, game-based educational program offered annually as part of our global education efforts. It is free to participate in and is meant to give participants a solid foundational understanding and proficiency in quantum computing, some of its applications, and Qiskit. This program is comprised of engaging study materials, seminars, gamified achievements to unlock, community events, and career advice.

The theme of the learning journey is space exploration. You’ll embark on an interstellar journey as the captain of a starship and grow proficiency in quantum computing along the way.

This program covers all audiences aged 14+, from high school students to undergraduates to industry professionals to retired enthusiasts.

Highlights of this event:

  • Features 7 space exploration themed achievements to unlock by completing learning tasks.
  • Beginner-friendly, though it increases in difficulty as achievements are unlocked.
  • Materials cover approximately 50-84 learning hours over the course of close to 7 months.
  • Heavy community focus that fosters organic collaborations and networking opportunities

The majority of this program takes place on Discord. You must have a registered Discord account to register for this program. If you don’t have a Discord account already, please create one in preparation for this program. (Having trouble? Click here: How to Create a Discord Account.)

Event website: http://qisk.it/quantum-explorers

Invite your friends to join in--after all, space exploration is much more fun when your friends come along for the journey!

Registration Information

To register, please sign in with your IBMid or create a new account using the IBMid option if you don't have one. Where possible, please use an email account associated with your affiliation, or you may face account and login issues. Once you're logged in, click 'Register here'.

Soon after you've registered, you'll get an email from IBM Quantum with the subject "You have been added to a new project in IBM Quantum," which means you've been granted access to the Quantum Explorers portal.

Once you receive that email, please return to this page to access the portal and begin your journey. All program materials and the Discord server are accessible through this portal.

Note: it may take some time for that email to be generated. There is no other registration acknowledgement email.

If you're having trouble logging in, please refer to the Quantum Explorers Wiki to troubleshoot.