IBM Quantum Spring Challenge

May 17 at 1:00 PM (local) — May 24 at 9:00 PM (local)

Welcome to the IBM Quantum Challenge: Spring 2023. Every year, IBM Quantum releases a public challenge as part of our ongoing global education efforts. The Challenge is free to participate in, and is meant to give participants a deeper understanding of a specific quantum topic. This year’s Challenge focuses on Dynamic Circuits, a technology that makes it easier to run more advanced quantum algorithms.

This event will feature 5 labs, each with exercises and tutorial content to get you started using Dynamic Circuits. We’re also thrilled to showcase the most advanced IBM Quantum hardware — IBM Quantum will allow all registered participants to run circuits on a 127-qubit IBM Quantum Eagle processor.

The IBM Quantum Challenge is exactly that: a challenge. Some labs will be relatively easy, while others should put your knowledge to the test. We hope this experience will turbocharge your exploration of IBM Quantum hardware and software, while providing an opportunity to network with members of the IBM Quantum and Qiskit community.